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Cokato Community Garden

Updated: May 4, 2021

You can find the Cokato Community Garden on Johnson Ave on the north side of Highway 12 and just southeast of Veterans Memorial Park where the Cokato Kernels play. There are no fees for a plot and the ground and water are provided by Cokato Evangelical Lutheran Church. Plot size depends on the number of people interested. Last year, there were 30 plots. You need to follow the rules set forth by the Cokato Community Garden Committee and bring your own implements. There is a garden shack where gardeners leave their excess produce that is available for others to take and some is taken to the local food shelf.

If interested in a plot at the Cokato Community Garden, send an email to jacksonmooers@gmail.com or call 320-286-5916. You can also contact this email or phone number if interested in joining the garden committee or volunteering in others ways, such as tilling and plowing.

The rules from last year are as follows. These may change after this year’s meeting and any changes will be posted here around the beginning of May.

Cokato Community Rules: 2020

In this unusual time of social distancing, we want everyone to stay safe and treat other gardeners as if they have the virus and you have the virus, too. It is recomended by state and federal agencies that gardeners wear a facemask and not share gardening tools. Disinfectant soap will be available at the water hydrant. If you are not feeling well, please stay away.

1. Your plot will be available for planting on or about May 15, weather permitting.

2. Please have your plot planted by June 15 or contact Jack Peterson via email at jacksonmooers@gmail.com for reassignment of plot. Please inform Jack if you need help with weeding or harvesting.

3. Keep your plot weed-free. When removing rocks, deposit them around the water hydrant.

4. Control your vining plants. Keep them in your plot, not your neighbors.

5. Deposit garden weeds in the woods northeast of the garden.

6. Don't waste water. Every gallon is paid for.

7. Do not leave water hoses in the grass.

8. No herbicides and use pesticides sparingly.

9. Use only clean straw for mulch. Do not use plastic ground cover, woodchips or sawdust.

10. Don't pick from other plots without permission. If you need help harvesting, inform Jack so other gardeners may pick and share your produce.

11. Remove all produce and foreign objects, i.e., stakes, cages, cans, buckets, fencing, etc. from your plot by October 15.

Remember, this land and water is provided free to us by the Cokato Evangelical Lutheran Church with the understanding that we will grow extra vegetables to be shared.

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