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Cokato Museum New Hours

The Cokato Museum is currently open by appointment with new hours! Now patrons can visit the museum Tuesday-Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Admission is FREE! To schedule an appointment call the Cokato Museum at 320-286-2427. Walk-ins are welcome if there are no prior appointments scheduled. Due to Government restrictions we can only allow in group sizes of six or less.

We are thrilled to welcome people back to the Cokato Museum! Please keep in mind, specific Government Issued Mandates, regarding COVID-19, are put into effect and will change your visitor experience. Service and spaces will be adapted to follow public health guidelines. We kindly ask that you please respect these mandates as they are required for us to remain open and continue serving the community. When visiting the Cokato Museum, please social distance and wear a mask (unless health reasons prohibit you from doing so). Stay home if you are feeling sick.

For more information and for our other COVID-19 procedures please visit the Cokato Museum’s website www.cokatomuseum.org.

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