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Chamber Member Benefits



Whether you are new to Cokato or have been here for generations, we hope your business will thrive in the Cokato area for many years to come.


To that end, we would like to invite you to become a member of the Cokato Chamber of Commerce, a local organization intended to promote local businesses. 


The Cokato Chamber of Commerce meets monthly for lunch and a short meeting at the Community Room at City Hall on the second Tuesday of the month. The meal/meeting is only an hour in length, and is usually held from noon to 1:00 pm. Meetings typically start by spotlighting a new local or Chamber business, and are followed by the featured speaker. These meetings are optional, just another way for a business owner to network with other local businesses.


The Chamber is governed by a six person executive committee which meets quarterly or as needed. Current officers include:


President: Josh Limanen

Vice President: Dori Kimball

Treasurer: Kelly Smith

Secretary: Amy Bollman

Past President: Johanna Ellison


Ex officio Executive Secretary: Jenni Wolff


Chamber Memberships go towards funding “Chamber sponsored activities and events” that promote the civic vitality of the community. Benefits of Chamber include:

  • Cokato Corn Carnival Parade—Chamber members receive advanced registration and free admission.

  • Cokato-Dassel Business Expo—Chamber members receive advanced registration and also pay a lower entry fee.


The membership also provides visibility towards your business in the form of:

  • Priority listing on the Connect With Cokato business directory. 

  • An opportunity for a “Feature Business" promo on the Connect with Cokato website and Facebook. 

  • Networking with other businesses in the community through participation in monthly meetings.

  • Community visibility by participating in Chamber events such as the Business Expo, Corn Carnival, and the Halloween Business Trick or Treat event.​


Memberships are per business/organization, which means many different individuals may attend to represent the business. Chamber meals can be paid for at the door or a business can pay for a Meal Membership. Meal Memberships pay for the meals of one participant of that business per year. (There are no refunds for missed meals.)


- Business Membership    $100

- Membership (with Meals)    $220

- Retired Membership        $10

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