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Lake Region Co-op Oil Association, Featured Business


The Lake Region Co-op Oil Association fixes and repairs all makes and models of automobiles. We do any kind of maintenance required such as brakes, shocks, ball joints and bushings, and oil changes. Lake Region Co-op fixes everything from burnt out bulbs to engine swaps and head gasket replacement. We do not rebuild transmissions, but we do some internal repairs and replace them as needed. Lake Region Co-op has its own tire truck, so we can do on-the-farm tire repair and emergency tire replacements for stranded semi-truck drivers. Lake Region Co-op is always looking forward to helping new drivers and young adults understand the complicated world of automobiles.

We, the Lake Region Co-op Oil Association, are proud to have our roots run deep and give back to the community. For many years, the Lake Region Co-op has given scholarships to students graduating from Dassel-Cokato High school. We also tend to hire local people from the area to be apart of our team.

Currently we have Randy Barnaal and Dakota Poukka in our tire shop. Randy grew up in Cokato and helped his father who owned the Enterprise Dispatch. He also served over 20 years on the Cokato Fire Department. Dakota was raised in Cokato and graduated from Dassel-Cokato High School. He came to Lake Region Co-op after leaving a management position from a chain restaurant.

In the auto repair shop, both of our mechanics are A.S.E. Certified Master Auto Technicians. Curt Benson started with us shortly after selling his own auto repair business. Curt owned and operated Fair Price Auto until he sold it. Curt has been fixing automobiles almost his whole life and has lived in Cokato for many years with his family. Daven Gustafson grew up on Cokato Lake and has remained in the area. Daven has 15 plus years fixing automobiles from all generations of life, he also excels at small engines and watercraft.

Jarod Sebring, manager of the Cokato location, joined Lake Region after finishing his enlistment in the Army. Jarod started off in the auto repair shop changing oil and doing light repairs and climbed his way up to A.S.E. Master Auto Technician in a few short years. Jarod fixed automobiles since he was a young boy and never stopped. Jarod has been with Lake Region for 20 years this June. Jarod has lived in Cokato for a long time. He is currently on his 15th year as a Cokato Fire fighter; 10th Year as a EMT on the Cokato ambulance; 9th year as a council member for Cokato; and has been involved in youth ministries for the local churches for almost 18 yrs.

At the front counter you will be greeted by Kim Condon who grew up in in Winsted, she joined our team when COVID hit and restaurants had to close. Kim uses her skill of communicating with people that she has picked up from working as a waitress at V’s Restaurant in Winsted to help meet the needs of our customers.

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