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Volunteering in Cokato

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Volunteering not only helps others, it is good for one's own wellbeing, too! Volunteering is a great way to connect with and get to know others in the community. You can also volunteer with family or friends. Helping out with your kids or grandkids is a great way to help teach children the benefits of volunteering.

First of all, if you'd like to be part of an organization that meets regularly, you may want to check out the Community Organizations page. Many of these organizations also do some volunteer work.

Read on to find out more about some of the many opportunities in our community for volunteering, both in-person and at-home.


Cokato Museum

The museum has a long list of opportunities for volunteering, including decorating, working with visitors, research, exhibit development, writing, program planning, scanning photographs, incorporating technology into exhibits, restoration, and even gardening, and the list goes on! There are options for work you can do at the museum or from home. Check out the museum's Volunteer page for the full list and more details.

Cokato Library

Volunteer needs are greater in the summer, though there are opportunities year-round, including shelving books, keeping materials in order, cleaning of materials, providing expertise at special programs and more. If you are interested in volunteering at the Cokato Library, see for more info and a volunteer application.

Another opportunity to help out the local library would be through the organization, FOCAL (Friends of the Cokato Area Library). Their efforts help support the library, one of which is the planning and organization of the annual book sale held during the time of the Cokato Corn Carnival. If interested in helping, you can reach a member of FOCAL by calling (320) 286-5760 or via the FOCAL Facebook page.


Corn Carnival

Every August, volunteers help make this special long-standing Cokato tradition possible. Volunteers are especially needed for serving corn. If you're interested in helping out, you can fill out the form posted here, and someone will contact you.


Charger Kids Club

Charger Kids Club welcomes volunteers, especially those needing volunteer hours. If interested, contact Jennifer Todnem in the Community Education Office at 320-286-4120.


A to Z - Grape Picking

Typically in early September, the A to Z Mental Health Foundation recruits volunteers to pick grapes at a vineyard northeast of Cokato. The family who grows the grapes will donate funds to your nonprofit organization for the labor. Check the A to Z Mental Health Facebook page for updates closer to September to find out when volunteers will be needed.


Save & Share Thrift Shop

The thrift store provides another great service in town and is volunteer-run. For more detail on current opportunities, please contact the store at (320)286-5895 during regular business hours, Th-F 10a-5p and 10a-2p Sa.


Meals on Wheels - Cokato Manor

Meals are prepared at Cokato Manor and volunteers deliver them to local residents. For more information, you can contact Cokato Manor via their website:


Pick up along bike trail in summer months

The trail between Cokato and Dassel is maintained by volunteers. We can all help keep the trail clean by picking up loose trash, especially in the summer months when the trail is used more frequently.


Area Churches

Your local church is a great place to look for volunteer opportunities. If you're seeking a church community to join or get involved with, see the Places of Worship page for a listing of churches in Cokato.

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