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If you've driven along the railroad track between Broadway and Jackson Avenue in town, you may have noticed the old concrete pad by the track looks a bit different. It's been newly surfaced and painted for pickle ball. When it warms up again, the courts are open and free to use. Though, at this time, you'll need to provide your own net and be mindful of the street-side edge of the court, which steps down to ground level. Fencing will likely be installed to help contain balls and players next year. Pickle ball players can also play at the Cokato Tennis Courts where the appropriate court lines have been painted and nets are provided during the warm months.

As part of the City Center Phase II project, city streets previously under construction are now tarred and drivable. Another layer will be added in the spring.

A reminder regarding winter parking, according to city ordinance, there is to be no parking on city streets 2a-6a November 15th through May 1st.

Also, attention snowmobilers, remember to plan for a maximum of one trip in and trip out of town per day. See the Traffic, Parking, and Motor Vehicles Code for further rules regarding snowmobile use in Cokato.

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